The Anti-Crockpot & Sweet Sauce

BBQ 101

We are not a Crock-pot or Sweet Sauce Joint.  Nor are we Fine-Dining as frequently perceived.  We are just a traditional BBQ joint smoking meats & serving on butcher paper the old fashioned way every day.

BBQ is Pink
With the exception of our chicken in which we grill, smoked meat has elements of pink & tenderness.  It is cooked.  I promise.  Our meats are different.  We tenderize by due process of traditional low & slow smoking on a wood-fired pit using only local hardwoods and lump charcoal for maximum flavor.  All our steaks, salmon, and pork chop dishes are cooked med-rare unless otherwise specified.

Our BBQ is served “warm” not hot
Steaks, Fried Catfish, Grilled Chicken, sides, and such are served hot. However, we follow traditional True-cue style BBQ methods that all BBQ meats – Pulled Pork, Ribs, Brisket, & Prime Rib are ‘laid to rest’ in warming cabinets and then served room temperature.

Meats shall not be sauced

Our sauces are complimentary to the meats and are available on the side.   For our BBQ, our home-made sauce parings are as follows; Use our House Tomato base Red Fox for Ribs or Brisket.  Our Mustard Carolina styled Bobcat for Pulled Pork, Chicken, or Sliced Shoulder.  Our Tomato/Vinegar Garfield Sauce best compliments Wings, Chicken, and Sliced Shoulder.  And finally our White-styled BBQ sauce, the Peter Cotton Tail is best only with Chicken in my humble opinion.  Please note we purchase only the highest USDA certified graded steaks and therefore do not serve steak sauces in this establishment.