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Before you come, know we are different than what most think of BBQ in the area.  We smoke our meats every day off a wood-fired pit.  Never out of an Oven, re-heated in microwaves, or covered in sauce.  The result  –  we smoke fresh & sell out of our most sought after cuts; most often our Baby Back Ribs or Brisket go first.   If our specialty cuts are gone, we have great catfish, pulled pork sandwiches, awesome grilled chicken, smoked sausage basted in our House sauce, a unique, regional specialty – sliced pork shoulder and other menu items that can be cooked within minutes not hours/days.

In addition, we care about your family’s health and our ecological environment in which we live.  We don’t serve BBQ in Styrofoam containers due to it’s carcinogenic effects from hot foods but also due to the affect it has on our ground water when it is disposed.  We recycle, use bio-degradable containers, and have made a conscious effort to limit waste, plastics, the use of aluminum, petroleum coated products, among others.


The Anti-Crockpot & Sweet Sauce

BBQ 101

We are not a Crock-pot or Sweet Sauce Joint.  Nor are we Fine-Dining as frequently perceived.  We are just a traditional BBQ joint smoking meats & serving on butcher paper the old fashioned way every day.

BBQ is Pink
With the exception of our chicken in which we grill, smoked meat has elements of pink & tenderness.  It is cooked.  I promise.  Our meats are different.  We tenderize by due process of traditional low & slow smoking on a wood-fired pit using only local hardwoods and lump charcoal for maximum flavor.  All our steaks, salmon, and pork chop dishes are cooked med-rare unless otherwise specified.

Our BBQ is served “warm” not hot
Steaks, Fried Catfish, Grilled Chicken, sides, and such are served hot. However, we follow traditional True-cue style BBQ methods that all BBQ meats – Pulled Pork, Ribs, Brisket, & Prime Rib are ‘laid to rest’ in warming cabinets and then served room temperature.

Meats shall not be sauced

Our sauces are complimentary to the meats and are available on the side.   For our BBQ, our home-made sauce parings are as follows; Use our House Tomato base Red Fox for Ribs or Brisket.  Our Mustard Carolina styled Bobcat for Pulled Pork, Chicken, or Sliced Shoulder.  Our Tomato/Vinegar Garfield Sauce best compliments Wings, Chicken, and Sliced Shoulder.  And finally our White-styled BBQ sauce, the Peter Cotton Tail is best only with Chicken in my humble opinion.  Please note we purchase only the highest USDA certified graded steaks and therefore do not serve steak sauces in this establishment.

Lunch & Dinner Menu

BBQ Plates

Half Rack Baby Back Ribs  16.40
Tender & Sweeter than Spare Ribs. Served Wet. Memphis Style Dry Rub after 4pm.

Black Angus Brisket 16.40
Tender, buttery spiced USDA Choice 

Char-Grilled Chicken Breast 10.93
All Natural, Anti-biotic Free Breast 

Smoked Sausage w/cheese grits 10.93
Basted with our House BBQ Sauce and Grilled

Sliced Pork Shoulder 11.87
A Regional Specialty

Pulled Pork 10.93
Smoked, Pulled, and Seasoned with our House Rub


$2.50 unless noted
Potato Salad – Mac & Cheese +1
Mayo Slaw – Vinegar Slaw – Baked Beans
Organic Salad +2 – Turnip Greens – Parmesan Potatoes
Sweet Potato w/ Horseradish Sauce +2
Sweet Potato Fries +1 or French Fries

Southern Specialties

Grilled Shrimp 14.58
Sautéed with Cajun Spices & resting on a bed of Cheddar Grits.   
Fried Catfish   14.58
Top-feeding Catfish also available as Grilled Cajun Pecan Rub or Lemon Pepper
Wing Platter  11.87
Nashville Hot, Cajun, Hot-Honey, or tossed in our House Garfield Sauce

Saturday Night Specialties

Off the Pit & Served at 6pm

*Smoked Prime Rib  21.86
Thick Hand-cut Certified Angus Beef with official USDA Choice cut Ribeye wood-smoked in our House Pit. Served with Baked Potato & Salad.



Served with House Potato Chips. 

Brisket, Bosnian Cheese, & Pickled Onion 11.87
Cuban Sandwich 9.79
Fried Catfish Sandwich9.79
Black Bean Burger 9.79
Grilled Chicken Sandwich or Salad 9.79
BBQ Sandwich (Pork, Chicken) 8.66

Nachos & Tacos

Cowboy Nachos 11.87
Brisket, Garfield Sour Cream Sauce, Red Fox, Feta, Jalapeño, Cilantro, & Green Onion
Sweet Potato Nachos 10.93
Pork, Sweet Potatoes Fries, Feta, & Green Onion with Bobcat Sauce.

Pork Nachos 9.12
Pork, Cheddar Cheese, Red Fox, Jalapenos & Green Onion with Bobcat Sauce.

Shrimp Tacos  11.87
Two Cajun Sauteed Shrimp with our Mayo Slaw & Jalapenos. Served with Chips and House Salsa Verde.

Brisket Tacos  11.87
Two Chopped Brisket Tacos with Pickled Red Cabbage, & Feta.  Served with Chips and House Salsa Verde.

*Eating raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Sunday Brunch

Join us 11am until 2pm every Sunday for BBQ and something a little bit different.

Steak & Eggs 18
Choice NY Strip Steak with two Eggs & fries

Shrimp & Grits  14
Sautéed Shrimp & Smoked Sausage w/ cheese grits

Southern Eggs Benedict  12
Southern Fried Eggs & Jalapeño Cornbread with Choice of Cold Smoked Salmon & Greens or Pulled Pork. Served with Hollandaise.

Chicken & Waffle 12
Blue Pig Waffle with a Cajun Fried Chicken

French Toast & Plantains  10
Sliced French Bread bathed in egg batter & pan-seared. Served with Maple Syrup, Two Slices Bacon, & Roasted Plantains  

Each Omelette is glazed with a light parmesan sauce and served with a light salad and sautéed potatoes

Vegan 12
Brisket & Candied Bacon 12
Pulled Pork & Green Salsa 12

Happy Hour & Weekly Specials

Daily Happy Hour!

$1 Off all Drafts, $3 Wines, and Specials on Wells & Cocktails!

Thursday is HER’sday

It’s Ladies night with Half-Off Beverages & 25% Off Salads!